Fundraising Opportunities at St. John Lutheran School

Fundraising Opportunities

Prairie Farms

  1. Select Redeem codes now, then Education category, select St. John Lutheran School Rogers City as organization.
  2. Peel off the cap sticker w/finger nail to see code.
  3. Enter up to ten codes at a time. Click the donate button at bottom
  4. Once codes are in, a green ‘Thank You’ comes up when good.
  5. Or, turn your caps into the church or school.
  6. School receives 5¢ per code.

Coke Rewards

  1. Save Coke product caps with product codes.
  2. On website,set up your personal account.
  3. At the top of the page, click on GIVE.See donate to your local school. Enter 49779 into first box. Names of schools will pop-up. SJLS is the third school listed. Click on SJLS.
  4. Enter code under cap into the code box. Click on red arrow.
  5. To enter additional codes, redo steps.

Gift Cards

Great Gift Idea!

Various types of gift cards. Purchase at school or by order form. Order forms are available at school. Look for special sale days in church bulletin & school newsletter. Orders placed 2nd & 4th Mondays of month.Ask about gift cards for lots of local businesses. Be sure to look from time to time on the web site, because they surprise you with bonus profit percentages.

Family Fare — Direct Your Dollars

When shopping at Family Fare –at checkout, give the clerk your “YES” card to activate the direct dollars program.Save your entire receipt and turn into either the church or school.Once 150,000 points are received, the receipts are returned to Family Fare and the school will receive a check for $1,000.

Scrap Metal

Drop off scrap metal at Erie Street door of the school or call 766-8114 for large item pick-up.

Dollars earned supports the scholarship fund.

Our Family

Save the UPCs from all ofthe“Our Family” products purchased. Turn them into the church or school. The school receives $25 for every 500 UPC’s collected.

Box Tops

  1. Check expiration date.
  2. Download app to scan store receipt within 14 days.
  3. On app look for ‘Earn Bonus Boxtops.
  4. School earns 10¢ per boxtop.

TYSON A+1-2-3 Labels

Clip & turn in labels. School gets 24¢ per label.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Tyson Project A+ program for more information.

Amazon Smile

You shop –Amazon gives! Search by City for St. John Church & School then shop.
St. John receives 0.5% of purchase.

Watch for these fundraisers throughout the year: Accepting empty cans & bottles w/deposit. PTL Breakfasts, Lighthouse Pizza Cards, Deer hides, Little Caesar’s PizzaFundraiser, Italian Dinner & Auction, Printer ink cartridges