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Our Vision

St. John Lutheran School nurtures, equips and inspires faith and family to soar, fostering Christian disciples in a family environment focusing on academic excellence and emotional well-being.

“Interactive, Spiritual, Friendly, Accommodating, Welcoming”

“Enjoyable, Fun, Interactive, Small, Caring”

“Spiritual, Polite, Calm, Friendly, Happy”

Family Closeness, Fun Activities, More One-on-One Learning”

“Loving, Safe, Welcoming, Friendly, Flexible”

“Great Christian School”


Our Mission

Founded in 1916, St. John Lutheran School is a PreK-grade 8 center of learning that provides diverse learners a Christ-centered, learner-focused, academically excellent education and is dedicated to child well-being so that learners prioritize personal academic growth focused on spiritual, emotional, social, and physical wellness. This is accomplished through an immersion in a Christian environment, purposeful friendship, academic excellence, and connectedness as learners prepare for service to God and others.

St. John Lutheran Church 

Sunday Service at 9:00am

Sunday School at 10:00am