Testimonials at St. John Lutheran School

What People Say

Testimonials from SJLS Parents and Students

“I am a 1952, salutatorian graduate. Three classrooms in the original building. I was blessed to study God’s words along with a solid foundation of secular subjects. Because of my belief of a solid Christian education, all 7 of my children attended, most of my grandchildren and now 3 greatgrands. I have also been a member of the BCE for 20 some years. St John is a gift that keeps on giving blessings.”

– MarieM.

“Three years ago, I was searching for the perfect preschool for our daughter, Bailey, when I happened to drive by SJLS and saw the bulletin board posting for openings. I made the phone call and thank God I made that decision! When Bailey started preschool at SJLS, she was quiet and shy. Now she is a confident, talkative six-year-old who has gained incredible social skills because of our family at SJLS. The atmosphere is so welcoming, friendly, and loving, it truly is like having a second family. I never worry about Bailey when she is at school. I know she is always being well cared for, loved, and supported. I cannot begin to say enough good things about the education offered here at SJ. In my opinion, the education offered here at SJLS is like that of no other school in our area. My heart is full knowing my daughter, at the young age of six, alreadyhas such a strong educationalfoundation! With all this being said, my absolute favorite part of being a part of SJLS is the interaction between the staff and the students. Never have I seen a school where all the staff members know every single student,the student’s parents/family, and genuinely care about each student and their families. The tuition might be scary to a lot of parents, as it was to me when I made the first phone call to discuss preschool three years ago. However, the principal, secretary, and other school staff go out of their way to help families acquire scholarships, discuss monthly payments, etc. to make the tuition much more attainable! Every single person at SJLS will go out of their way to help the students and family members, whether it is a school situation or even a personal situation. They are always right there with open arms ready to help in any way they can! Every day when I count myblessings, I count SJLS twice and thank God for the second family we have been blessed with the past three years!”

Samantha N.

“SJLS is more than a school… THEY are a family!! My girls and I have never been welcomed to such a warm, loving,helpful environment.”

– Krystal C.

“I would have to say SJLS isn’t just a school it’s likethe kids and I have another close family, my children are so comfortablethere, they never do not want to go to school. In fact they get mad whenthey get picked up early and don’t get to go to aftercare which is the bestperk at SJLS.”

– Vanessa P.

Ms. Rauls does an amazing job with the kiddos. I love that she is always thinking outside the box and makes learning fun and exciting!

Cheree R.

The teacher Miss Rauls is wonderful with the children. She is respectful and kind and understanding. She keeps the parents informed and is dedicated to giving children a head start. The real question is what is not to love about St. John Lutheran Church and School? They are amazing.

Stephanie W.

Ms. Rauls is super creative, fun, and patient.

Krystal C.

We always feel welcome and my student is challenged in all subjects every year!


Just in general watching my child learn and grow every day, being able to see the world differently than just at home, I appreciate everything including the Christian education that this school has to offer.


SJLS is the best school for my son. He has learned so much.


I love the communication with the teachers and staff.


Great school with teachers who really show how much they care about their students.


The teachers genuinely care about each student, their progress, and any parent concerns.


I appreciate the willingness to personalize and challenge each of my children individually.